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Health and well-being for sex workers

We recognise that working in the sex industry can be emotionally stressful, especially if you are new to it or recently arrived in the UK.

You may find it useful to talk to someone in confidence. You can contact a SAFE Project worker or attend one of our clinics to discuss your situation, and access support and help.

Some sex workers live two very separate lives. If you are in this situation and would like to talk to someone in confidence, please call us.

We also come into contact with sex workers who are being forced to undertake sexual services that they are not happy to perform. If this sounds like you and you’d like confidential advice and support, please get in touch.

There are times when working premises and areas of sex work fall victim to robberies or attacks, both physical and sexual. You may consider reporting the attack to the police or putting it into an Ugly Mug report (see our page on safety). SAFE can support you in doing both of these.

Some sex workers work when they are having a period. It is safe to do this but using baby wipes or cleaning wipes inside the vagina can cause bacterial vaginosis or other problems. Speak to one of our nurses for advice on how to work safely during your period.