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Annual report

The success of the Umbrella service is measured in terms of our performance in supporting ten sexual health priority outcomes.

  1. Reducing under-18 conceptions
  2. Increasing chlamydia diagnoses in the 15 – 24 age group
  3. Reducing the late diagnosis of HIV
  4. Improving support for people vulnerable to, and victims of, sexual coercion, sexual violence and exploitation
  5. Providing better access to services for high-risk communities
  6. Ensuring prompt access for earlier diagnosis and treatment
  7. Increasing the use of effective, good-quality contraception
  8. Reducing the number of people repeatedly treated for STIs
  9. Reducing the number of abortions; repeat abortions under the age of 25
  10. Reducing the transmission of HIV, STIs and blood-borne viruses (BBV)

You can find out how we’ve been performing against our objectives in the latest annual report.

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