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Informing partner(s) of HIV

If not treated, ​​HIV can cause serious health problems. Early diagnosis is crucial in improving long-term outcomes.

If you are diagnosed with HIV, letting your partner(s) know means they can get the testing and treatment they need.

Let us help

Informing partners that they’re at risk of HIV is a sensitive issue, and attitudes to partner notification can vary. Stigma, and fear of reputational damage and criminalisation are some the things people worry about most. Treatment of HIV is also our responsibility, and so is prevention of its spread.

That’s why we have trained staff to perform partner notification (sometimes called contact tracing).

If you are diagnosed with HIV, we can support you in contacting your partner(s) and informing them that they may be at risk of HIV too, without naming you. You will need to leave your partner(s) name, age, and contact details (preferably mobile number) with the health advisors.

We believe that letting our health advisors contact your partner(s) is the most convenient way for you to inform your partner, and we will not need to contact you again. Remember, we will never disclose your identity to your partner(s) without your permission.

Some patients may choose to inform their partners themselves. In these cases, our health advisors will contact the patient after a few weeks to confirm the partner(s) have been informed. This is to ensure we have fulfilled our duty.