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STI self-sampling kits

Our kits

If you’re aged 16 or over and living in Birmingham or Solihull, you can request a free sexually transmitted infection (STI) self-sampling kit. You can use the kit to take your own samples at home and send them back to us for free. We’ll test your samples and let you know the results by phone or text message for free.

Did we mention it’s free?

What we test for

All kits allow us to test for:

  • chlamydia
  • gonorrhoea
  • HIV
  • syphilis

For men who have (or have had) sex with other men, a test for hepatitis B is also included.

How it works

  1. Answer a few short questions
  2. Choose where to have your kit delivered (to your home or another address, or select an Umbrella pharmacy)
  3. Receive your kit
  4. Follow the instructions to take your samples
  5. Return your samples in the pre-paid package
  6. Receive the results of your STI test by phone or text


For further information on sexually transmitted infections, please see our STI pages.