Abuse survivors clinic

If you've been raped, sexually assaulted or sexually abused within the last 10 days, it may be possible for forensic evidence of the assault to be collected by a sexual assault referral centre (SARC) (or the West Midlands Paediatric Sexual Assault Service (PSAS) if you're under 18). The evidence can be saved in case you want to contact the police in the future. It will not be given to the police or anyone else without your consent. The SARC for the West Midlands is Horizon.

Horizon SARC West Midlands PSAS

If you’ve experienced sexual abuse and violence at any time, we would still like to see you at the abuse survivors clinic. We can provide you with support and give you a specialist and sensitive approach to your sexual health needs. This can be in the immediate aftermath of an assault or at any point in your journey.

What is the abuse survivors clinic (ASC)?

The ASC is a dedicated clinic offering specialised services to support anyone aged 13 or over who has been affected by sexual violence or abuse at any time in their lives.

Location Age group Day
Whittall Street Clinic 13 and over Second and fourth Wednesday of each month
Umbrella at Boots, Mell Square, Solihull First and third Friday of each month
Chelmsley Wood Primary Care Centre Last Thursday of each month

Clinic directions and opening times

The clinic is provided by our own Umbrella staff and our partner organisation the Rape and Sexual Violence Project (RSVP).

RSVP website

We offer emotional support for all survivors of sexual exploitation, coercion, abuse and violence. We see patients who have experienced sexual violence either recently or in the past. Medical help is also available at the Whittall Street ASC. If you attend the ASC in Solihull or Chelmsley Wood, the staff will be able to refer you for medical help if you need it.

Why was the ASC set up?

Patients attending Umbrella sexual health clinics are telling us more and more about their experiences of sexual violence and abuse. We understand talking about these experiences can be very difficult.

To help and support survivors, we hope the ASC will allow for more time to talk though the sometimes complex issues and provide a larger range of services at one time, in one visit, than a general clinic. We have experienced staff who care about the needs of survivors.

Services offered at the ASC

Across our abuse survivors clinics, we offer the following services:

  • a sexual health check-up
  • contraception, including intrauterine devices (IUDs or coils) and implants
  • hepatitis B vaccination
  • links to specialist young people’s services, including specialised children and young people’s ISVAs
  • advocacy for adults, children and young people who have been abused at any time in their lives via the RSVP ISVA Service
  • emotional and practical support through the police and court processes if survivors choose to report the abuse
  • information and support if survivors want to explore what will happen if they do report the abuse
  • emotional and practical support, including in a time of crisis, if survivors choose not to formally report the abuse
  • support in reporting to the police anonymously, without revealing their identity, through intelligence or self-referral to the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)
  • links to specialist lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) services including a specialised LGBT ISVA service via RSVP
  • safeguarding assessment and referrals for children (13 years and above) and adults

Related services

There are some types of medical care which may need to be provided immediately after a sexual assault, including:

  • post-exposure prophylaxis after sexual exposure to HIV (PEPSE)
  • emergency contraception

These can be provided at the Whittall Street Clinic ASC if you attend the clinic straight away. (These services are not available at the Solihull and Chelmsley Wood ASCs, but the staff can help you to get medical help.) Even if you don’t attend the ASC, it’s important to know where you can get these services.

PEPSE is available from Whittall Street Clinic during opening times, or from your nearest A&E department outside these times.

Information on PEPSE

​Emergency contraception is available from Umbrella clinics and pharmacies, and can be prescribed by some GPs.

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Services not offered at the ASC

The ASC does not collect forensic evidence (evidence that can be used by the police for investigative purposes).

Forensic evidence collection is carried out by the Horizon Sexual Assault Referral Centre. Please see our page on rape and sexual assault for further information.

Rape and sexual assault

How to book an appointment at the ASC

Anyone can book an appointment through reception staff in any Umbrella clinic, or by calling 0121 237 5737 or 0121 237 5700.

You can also book an appointment at Whittall Street Clinic ASC via our online booking site.

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If you've experienced sexual violence or sexual abuse and attend one of our clinics without an appointment, you will be seen urgently.