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Already started PrEP?

We can help to make sure you take PrEP safely.

It is important you have a blood test for HIV as soon as possible and be up to date with your vaccinations.

Every three months

  • Have an HIV test/STI check
    • The HIV test must be with a laboratory blood test
    • You can usually do this with one of Umbrella’s STI self-sampling kit
  • You may need your kidneys checked
    • One of the components of PrEP can affect your kidney function
    • This check may only be necessary once a year, depending on your risk factors


  • Talk to us about the risks you are taking and how you manage your PrEP around these risks
    • We can arrange extra support, particularly with chem sex (sex under the influence of recreational drugs) or if you have other personal issues
  • Tell us if your health has changed, or if you start new medications
  • Use condoms to reduce the risk of catching STIs such as syphilis and gonorrhoea

PrEP clinics

To discuss PrEP in clinic, please call us on 0121 237 5700 and ask to be booked in for an appointment.